Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Final 3 in #Richmond365 + A Recipe to Keep Forever.

As with the response to the #lindseatsrichmond photo campaign, I'm feeling rather dumbfounded.  I knew my friends would rally, but never did the possibility of 3366 votes occur to me.  I will never be able to say thank you enough but really hope you feel appreciated.  Even if it sounds dangerous, gratitude is literally radiating from my body; it's remarkable to feel this supported.    

I'm now in the top 3 with two very talented ladies: Kelly Brisson of The Gouda Life and Melanie Hillier of Dulcet Devotion.  Of course I'd prefer to dislike them, but they've made that impossible with their madly-good blogging skills and generally awesome personalities.  I keep thinking "I want to have them over for dinner," so I'm going to.

Over the next few weeks they'll fly from Ontario for in-person interviews with Tourism Richmond and will get a chance to explore the wonders of the left coast.  I too will have another interview, one final chance to explain why I was born for this job.

Part of that will be describing how my culinary ambitions began when I was young, and I'll start here by sharing a recipe I painstakingly developed at the age of 8.  This was when I decided to re-invent the classic Peanut Butter and Jam Sandwich, which I thought  needed a shakeup.  I was relatively convinced my new version would go big, as in 'viral' kind of big if the internet existed back then.  Fortunately it has the chance to now, so here you are dear readers and you're welcome.

8 Year-Old Lindsay's Peanut Butter and Cheez Whiz Sandwich


- 2 slices whole wheat bread (because Momma Anderson refused to buy white, which tasted to me like candy)
- peanut butter (generous slather)
- Cheez Whiz (generous slather)

Spread peanut butter on one piece of bread.  Spread Cheez Whiz on other piece of bread.  Sandwich together.  Cut in half.  Observe orange-on-brown strata and think oneself to be very clever.  Bite into sandwich.  Realize is disgusting.  With indescribable disappointment, choke down entire sandwich because are descended from prairie folk and do not like to waste food.  Never make again.

Go childhood Lindsay, go!
Yes I'm younger than 8 here, but this IS another example of my childhood smarts.


  1. Thanks for the shoutouts Lindsay. It's fantastically amazing the amount of votes you received. Can't wait for dinner at your place! And love the photo of you in the toilet. Charming;)

  2. oh my gosh, that photo is too much!
    congrats on top three and all the best in the next round. i loved your photo campaign and thought your video was super creative - you've obviously got a passion for this! good luck!

  3. Lindsay Anderson you should win solely because of that magnificent photo. You could post that everyday for 365 day's and it would never get old!

  4. You have me laughing out loud tonight, Lindsay-- both with the hilarious recipe and the amazing photo. Congrats on the win!

  5. From humble beginnings (toilet) come great achievements, Lindsay. Keep up the good work! It's just as important to know what not to do as what to do as in your PB and Cheez Whiz sandwich. Take care of your tastebuds.

  6. Much congrats! Well deserved :) Best of luck with the rest of the process.

  7. I just stumbled onto your blog. LOL...your sandwich is so similar to a sandwich I did at about the same age. Mine was with Parmesan cheese (I blogged about it to). It was the summer time and I was making lunch for my youngest brother and sisters. I did it to change things up a bit and my unappreciative siblings tattled on me to my mom.

    Since I'm new here, I didn't know what the whole #lindseatsrichmond thing was, but I found your post in March and I can say congratulations to you too! Sounds like a very cool thing.

  8. Your sandwich recipe is similar to the former breakfast regimen of a friend of mine: two pieces of multi-grain toast--one is slathered in Cheez Whiz; the other in peanut butter. Garnish peanut butter toast generously with sliced green olives. Eat both open faced. Note: I have never personally attempted this culinary daredevilry.