Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Grazie.  Gracias.  Arigato.  Danke.  Efharisto.  

Why?  For voting!  And for all of your kind and supportive messages!  And for showing such enthuuuusiasm!  I'm in the top two and it's all because of you, my incredible network of family and friends (and friends of friends, and so on).

Also, a big thank you to the fabulous ladies at Good Food Jobs for putting me in their newsletter not once, but twice, and to my incredibly supportive team at The Dirty Apron!

Also also, thanks to my friend Gordie - who earned himself a lucrative scholarship to Vancouver Film School through a similar kind of competition - for creating this link on reddit that we can share.  All you have to do is create a username (no email is required and it takes just a few seconds), then click the "up" arrow under the "foodit" logo.  With enough 'upvotes,' linds-eats gains exposure amongst a crowd of thousands - all people who haven't (yet) heard of #Richmond365.

Remember that you're actually allowed to vote once every 24 hours, so if you wish, you can cast up to 7 votes for linds-eats.  Please continue to spread the word, soak in my eternal gratitude, and enjoy your week.

Here's a small collection of things I've been enjoying lately.  Why?  Because I love sharing and because we've all seen enough of my face.


-Jeff Martin Joinery.  I want everything he makes, but especially one of these butcher blocks.  They are SO handsome.

-Old Faithful's Container Gardening Workshop, in collaboration with Victory Gardens.  Great idea and nice poster.

-This, obviously.  Hurry up already, May. 

-"Little Talks" by Iceland's Of Monsters and Men.  Catchy song with a video that assures imaginations are alive and well.

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