Sunday, April 8, 2012

Harvest Time.

Last week I went for a walk with my camera.  We have a good time, my Canon and I, though "walks" in the spring usually just means standing under trees with my camera pointed skyward, taking about 200 more cherry blossom photos than I actually need.

On this walk I passed Harvest Community Foods, a store I've been greatly anticipating; it's the result of, an ambitious project which saw developers asking the neighbourhood to decide what kind of new business they'd like to see in their community.  It started off with this cool video…

….then through online polling people chose everything from the overall concept and type of service (grocery, featuring local foods) to the graphic designer who branded it (Naomi Macdougall) and the business’ name.  People voted, decisions were finalized, and now it's time for Harvest!

So what's in there?  Expect a shop providing mainly local and organic products as well as a no-fuss menu that changes daily.  You can eat in, take your goods to go, or settle into one of their chairs out front and watch the Adanac Bike Rout-ers fly by.

The store itself is thoughtfully laid-out, though they're not fully settled in just yet.  And fair enough, they’ve only been open a few weeks, plus there’s something refreshing about a place still occupied by ladders and paint cans.  It speaks of potential.

What has been established is a genuinely warm environment that feels perfectly at ease in the neighbourhood.  The staff are passionate about their work, up for a chat, and pleased to offer snack recommendations to hungry kids like me.  Their suggestion?   The steamed bun with free-range chicken, pickled cucumber and red onions, fresh cilantro and sriracha.  Had it.  Loved it.  Would go back again for sure.

With a steam-bunned belly, I continued on my walk.  I took more flower shots (magnolias are the ugly ducklings of the tree world), and listened to this intensely captivating podcast from This American Life.

I now know that blossoms, buns, and Ira Glass make for a great spring day.  Happy Easter everyone.


  1. Wonderful! I hadn't kept up with This Space, but I have wondered when I run by what was decided. What a great idea. That sandwich seems like it was inspired by Viet subs and I can't wait to go eat it. Reading your blog always makes me hungry. Busy this afternoon?

  2. Codi and I went on Friday - so yummy! Mostly I'm excited to run out of olive oil so I can use the fill your own bottle thing.

  3. Cant wait to go there this summer! What a great idea, to have the people decide. Power to the people, and their stomachs. Great photos of the blossoms too Linds. I'll buy you a sandwich if you give me a camera tutorial....