Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Roast Beef Break.

Sometimes, when you’re working on an application for your dream job, you need a sandwich.  A cheese and ham with French’s will not do.  What you need is a stack of meat on a good white baguette, the kind that asks for demands a nap once you're done eating.

So what to do?  If you’re me, you slip into your Vans and hike through the Downtown Eastside to Big Lou’s.  It’s on the corner of Powell and Gore, has a plain wooden interior, and the men behind the counter are almost guaranteed to have mustaches and/or beards.  They’re happy to talk menu options, and you can check out their impressive selection of butchered goods while your sammie’s being built.

I go for the The Whole Roast Beef.  Why?  Because it’s a classic; there's AAA beef, red wine, onions, pan mayonnaise (made from pan-drippings, yes!) all wedged within bread that’s crusty, but not so crusty that it annihilates the roof of your mouth.  It’s one very handsome sandwich when they pass it to you, and within minutes you’ll be a happy, pan-mayo-covered mess.

Then it’s nap time.
This beauty was shared.  Do not worry, these 3 pieces = ONE WHOLE SANDWICH

269 Powell Street

Two Chefs and a Table
Gastown: 305 Alexander Street, 778-2331303
Richmond: Unit 7 - 3331 Viking Way, 604-233-7769

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

#lindseatsrichmond - The Film

Yes, we made a film - I am that serious about getting this job.  It's a time-lapse we filmed over 40 minutes, sped up to 2:55, and had an absolutely ridiculous time making.  I wish all job applications involved a party like this.

Thank you SO much to my incredible friends for participating, and to Sarah and Justin Cheshire for coming all the way from Kelowna to film (and star) in it.  I know some seriously awesome people.

Click here to watch the video on youtube, and if you enjoy it, please share!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

#lindseatsrichmond - IT'S ON!

I've probably been asked the question "what's your dream job?" a thousand times.  And my answer is always "getting paid to eat and write about it."  Then I slap my knee hard and share a good laugh with whoever asked me, because that's just crazy.  Until now.

It's true, my dream job has arrived; Tourism Richmond is seeking a food blogger up for the challenge of eating at 365 restaurants in 365 days, all in beautiful Richmond, B.C.  The successful applicant receives a generous salary, help with living expenses, their 365 meals, and a pass to the Richmond Oval to work it off!

With applications due by the end of March, I've launched a full-fledged campaign to get hired.  If you're up for it, I would really appreciate your support!  I'm asking people to send in photographs of themselves holding signs that say #lindseatsrichmond, with their location below and names too, if they wish.  Photos can be sent to until the end of March.

If you're up for taking things even further, you can upload your photo to Facebook and/or Twitter (follow me at @lindsay_lauren) with the hashtag #lindseatsrichmond.  Soon the world will be asking "Who is this Lindsay girl, and how does she know SO MANY COOL PEOPLE?" and I'll say "I don't know, but I want to bake cookies for them all.  With extra chocolate.  And nuts.  The expensive ones."

Here are the photos - 277 from 6 continents, 29 countries, and 131 cities!  Thank you so much to everyone.  The response has been incredible.  Click here to see thumbnails of all 277 photos, courtesy of Frank Lee.

Bangalore, India

Jerusalem, Israel