Thursday, May 10, 2012

Look What I Found!

I know what you're thinking, because it's the same thing I thought when I first saw this at Les Amis du Fromage

"That's gross."

But of course I had to get it, because bizarre foods are like a food-lover's version of bungee-jumping.  The weirder / higher the better.

You know what?  I liked it.  We all did actually, and there were four of us tucking into this cheese + chocolate combo.  There's a thin layer of crunchy parm in the middle, and while at first you only get it in texture, there's a little bit of cheese at the end.  It mainly just tastes salty, which is great because salty chocolate is awesome.  

I don't think I'll ever stop and say "maaaan, I could really go for some parmesan chocolate right now," but I'd definitely get this again; it's an edible conversation starter that's genuinely good.  Way to go, Les Amis!


  1. Congratulations, Lindsay, on winning the foodie blogger position! I enjoyed reading your daily posts on Richmond's restaurants, and would like to make a reccomendation. The Austria Vancouver Club on 5851 Westminster Hwy is open Friday nights from around 6pm-9:30-ish. My family LOVES the schnitzel there, soup, and, if we're lucky, live music. Hope you have a ball!

    1. Yes PLEASE!! That sounds incredible. I love schnitzel, and Austrian people, and Austrian people eating schnitzel while dancing to live music. I will check this place out for SURE. Thanks so much!

    re: the Bergamot orange and the Bergamot flower.