Saturday, December 18, 2010

You Don't Have to be Chained to the Stove all Day, Just Set the Timer and You're on Your Way!

I'm perplexed. Nearly fifty-five years ago, Frigidaire produced this film about the Kitchen of the Future.

If this was their vision in the 50's, then surely they must have intended it for my mother's generation, the baby boomers. It therefore should have been the kitchen of my childhood. This was not the kitchen of my childhood.

WHERE were the eggbeaters descending from cupboards? WHERE were the cakes that came out of the bubble-top oven with their icing and candles already on? And my mother? WHY wasn't my top-hat-wearing father escorting her into the kitchen where she'd twirl around and press buttons then dance off to go play golf and tennis while the meals cooked themselves?

Frigidaire, I'm seriously disappointed.

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