Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Six Days of Comfort Food: Day Six

Chocolate Chip Cookies.
Math has never really been my forté, but especially lately. I've been distracted and nearly forgot that 1+1+1+1+1 does not equal 6. Perhaps The Six Days of Comfort Food should include more than five posts.

So here I am, conquering arithmetic and talking about cookies. These cookies, to be specific, which are my favourite recipe of late. I love them because they are thick, soft, and chewy, all tough traits to find in the amateur cookie-recipe world. I almost always use dark chocolate because the dough is quite sweet, and usually add toasted hazelnuts since nut-ified cookies are always better. Unless I've been asked to bake for nine bake-sales plus a football team, I almost always half this recipe.

How many days ago did I make these? One. How many kinds of chocolate did I put in them? Two. How many times have I made these now? Three. And how many did I eat fresh out of the oven? Four. Take that Math 11 and my crappy exam score, look who's countin' NOW.

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