Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ciao. Arrivederci. A dopo....


Our school-year has come to an end. Accompanied by many Long Hugs, Quivering-Lower-Lips and Tears, these farewell words have been choked out so many times in the past week that the whole class is exhausted. At least I am. I’ve spent a year living, cooking, eating, drinking, dancing, travelling and learning with twenty-six people whom I'm going to miss terribly. I'd like to take this opportunity to say thank goodness for skype.

A few of us are staying here for the holidays, and with the endless goodbyes, distance from home, and recently-fallen snow, Emily figured we needed something nice. Something warm. Something to be eaten while wearing sweatpants and curled up on a couch. Last night she made Chicken and Dumplings, and as we ate it everything did feel better. It was the kind of meal you concentrate on, savour, one which doesn’t allow you to blindly fill your belly while chattering away or worrying about other things. It demands your attention and rightly so, because it was amazing.

Inspired by this hug of a meal, I have decided on a project. Chicken and Dumplings will be Day One of The Six Days of Comfort Food, dedicated to the UNISG FCC-A Class of 2011. Post one coming soon.

A dopo mie amiche.

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