Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Jeff Martin Joinery.

Meet Jeff.  He's a fine person all around, and happens to be exceptionally talented at working with wood.

He's the Jeff behind Jeff Martin Joinery, a company founded in 2010 and currently located in East Van's 1000 Parker Street studios.  It's a grumpy looking building from the outside, but I love it so.  It provides literal structure for the creative, and therefore has my undying affection.

Before launching JMJ, Jeff spent 6 months in Brooklyn apprenticing with renowned designer Palo Samko.  There, amongst the Bushwick hip, he worked on his craft and developed his clean, West-Coast style.  There's nothing fussy about Jeff's work - it's beautiful, and it's to the point.

I decided to visit him yesterday while he worked, because one must take advantage of having cool friends' with nearby studio spaces, mustn't they?  He was working on a table (see above - I'll fight you for it), a slew of pizza boards, and about a dozen other tasks from his list of commissions.

I suggest you snatch up one of his pieces before he becomes THE Jeff Martin and we'll only be able to view his work at the MOMA.  Currently he's still accessible Jeff, covered in dust and working hard at what he does.  And he does it so, so well.  Thanks for letting me hang, JM!

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