Sunday, June 3, 2012

Breyers Better Move on Over,

'Cause Earnest Ice Cream has arrived.

Based in East Van, Ben and Erica got started just last month.  Considering they've been running on about 15 minutes of sleep per night, they look surprisingly fresh!  They sell their goods at Harvest Community Foods, Woodland Smoke House, and cycle their freezer trike to gatherings like the Trout Lake Farmers Market where I met them on Saturday.  Just look at them in their stripes and plaid - who wouldn't want to buy ice cream from these people?

They offer ice cream sandwiches (we went with the classically delicious Vanilla) and sell various flavours by the pint in sweet, reusable jars.  In other words, I'll feel far better about myself while eating an entire container than I would with say, Ben and Jerry's.  Earnest is local!  Earnest is recyclable!  It feels good to know my sweet tooth is bettering the world.  Somebody get it a trophy, already.  

Ben and Erica use seasonal ingredients whenever they can, so right now look for flavours like Rhubarb Oat Crumble.  Also, I'm quite enamoured with their logo and design, a whimsical, swirling scoop of ice cream that says "I am modern folk art at its tastiest."  Try them out, I tell you!

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  1. ah! i've been meaning to try this ice cream for weeks! well, at least one week. now i want to even more.