Monday, October 24, 2011

Lemon-y Autumn.

Lemon tarts are mid-summer sunshine, hardly at home with the pumpkins, kale, and slow-cooked stews of October.  I can't put off sharing these citrus beauties anymore, however, and I'm ashamed it's taken me so long already.  Absolutely ashamed.

So now, to the tarts: this spring, while living in Calgary and working for Sidewalk Citizen Bakery, I had the pleasure of meeting Shallon Cunningham, owner of Salt Food Photography and all-around lovely person.

Introduced by my friend/her cousin Marnie, we hit it off and planned a date: I, with some kitchen experience, would bake and food-style.  Shallon, with her photography experience, would capture the whole process.  It'd be a learning opportunity for both of us, and we'd have something luscious and sweet to snack on at the end.  We decided on lemon tarts.

Photography + pastry + lemon curd + cream = a very nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon. 

Included in this post are a selection of photos from that day, as well as a few that Shallon took of my friend Sue's macarons.  Lush.  They're a nice punch of colour in these dusky Autumn days.

You can visit Shallon's website to see more of her impressive work, as well as her account of our afternoon on her blog, which has a recipe for the tarts.

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