Friday, October 15, 2010

It's Never Really About the Movie.

Last night we saw the un-subtitled, original version of Eat, Pray, Love at a small theatre in Parma. It was the first time I'd been to the movies since leaving Canada, and the experience was just what I'd been craving. This was for several reasons, though none of which was the actual movie. Sorry Julia.

Firstly, I was with great people.

Secondly, the theatre was quaint, the tickets cheap, and the seats red and plush, the kind that swallow you up when you sit down and start assembling the many many.....

SNACKS that you've brought. So very many snacks. What else did I expect from a group of UNISG students? Between the six of us we collected an embarrassing bounty of salted caramels, oreos, nacho chips, chocolate covered digestive biscuits, peanut M&Ms and pretzel M&Ms (hey-yo Shannon's mom!), and popcorn.

But Emily didn't just make any old popcorn. This was popcorn drizzled with lots of butter and salt, then tossed with a generous handful of finely grated parmigiano cheese. I am telling you, if you need a little pick-me-up in your life, then MAKE THIS. That giant hunk of parm in my fridge doesn't stand a chance; I am utterly and hopelessly hooked.

You could also add freshly ground black pepper, sautee your butter with rosemary before pouring it on, and/or toss some lemon zest in there too. Try using grana padano instead of parmigiano, which works just as well and is kinder on the wallet. Once you've made your bowl:

EAT it all up.

PRAY that no one asks to share with you, and

LOVE every bite. I promise you will.

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