Thursday, June 13, 2013

FEAST: An Edible Road Trip...

...has officially launched!  Read all about the project here, and we'd greatly appreciate it if you could support it by visiting our Indiegogo page and donating or sharing the campaign with your friends.

What exactly is FEAST, you ask?  It's a project dedicated to exploring Canada, highlighting incredible regional food, and meeting and featuring interesting characters and organizations.  Inspiration for this project arose when, in casually asking friends what they consider to be typically Canadian foods, few answers were given beyond Kraft Dinner, poutine, Nanaimo Bars, and butter tarts.  While fully enamoured with the latter three, we knew there was so much more to it, and were intrigued that Canadian cuisine seemed so lacking in identity.  We decided to combine our passions for writing, travelling, and eating into a unique adventure, one that will take us across the country in search of stories about Canadian food, with an aim of showing its unique character and proving just how much we have to celebrate.

From coast to coast, we’ll share the FEAST road trip through writing, interviews, recipes, photography, and video.  FEAST will tell stories of everyday Canadians, particularly those who make and find our food: farmers, fishers, chefs, hunters, foragers, home cooks, camp cooks, chefs, wine-makers, cheese-makers, beer-makers, roadside cafĂ© owners, bakers, beekeepers, food bloggers, coffee roasters, and more.  From north to south, rural to metropolitan, we’ll show off Canadian food, this country’s diverse culture, and its ever-changing landscape.

Read much more about the trip, see our sponsors, and learn how you can become part of the FEAST community by visiting!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

What's Next?

Hey everybody!  My 365 days of Dining in Richmond are up, and I had such a great time I'm jumping straight into my next adventure.  We're launching FEAST: An Edible Road Trip the week of June 10th - 15th, and you can head over to to hear all about it. Looking forward to sharing more food stories with you very soon!